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As promised, here's the followup blog post from the two workshops on CSA Marketing I just wrapped up at the Guelph Organic Conference and with the CSA farms in Ottawa. I'm writing this post from a sweet cafe called Aries in Wakefield, Quebec, near Roots and Shoots Farm and Juniper Farm. Thank you to the Tommas Nimmo at Guelph Organic Conference and Robin and Jess at Roots and Shoots for making these two workshops possible. I'm excited to report that over 90 people attended the workshops.


Future Events and Workshops

I received many requests to do workshops on specific topics such as starting CSA's, Facebook advertising and content marketing, Google advertising etc. If you're interested in being notified about future workshops or webinars and getting our HarvestHand CSA community quarterly newsletter, add your email to our list.

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CSA Marketing 101 Presentation



Key CSA Marketing Documents:

Presentation Notes

Printable PDF of CSA Marketing Cycle

CSA Membership Cycle and Strategic Plan Template

If you are interested in our HarvestHand CSA Software, please send me a note to arrange a time for a call.

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