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Presentation notes:

To address the question of how can we make it easier to find and join a CSA, here's what we came up with in our discussion:

  • google.com -CSA- get CSA to have a better search engine ranking - here's all the Canadian directories for CSA's: http://harvesthand.com/blog/post/Canadian-CSA-Farm-Directory - SHARE this!
  • share with your friends what CSA's and share it on facebook
  • promote to off-campus students, encourage them to ask their parents or families to purchase for them and what financial supports are available for CSAs
  • highschools- inspire students to get their parents to sign-up for shares- good way to introduce people to CSA is through: https://nourishns.ca/nourish-your-roots
  • CSA's easier alternative for people who find farmers markets overwhelming
  • provide recipes and cooking support to CSA members and describe what support you get as a member
  • for students- buy a CSA box with a group of friends and get together to cook what it is in it to learn how to cook and how to cook with the seasons
  • Duncan points out main motivators for people to join CSA's are health (eat more whole foods, eat more vegetables), financials (affordable way to buy organic produce, incentives or supports), family- healthy children, contributing or supporting a local farmer, positive peer mirroring (all my friends have a CSA and love it), curiosity and learning, convenience of having produce delivered (neighbourhood, school, or home delivery), physical activity (working for CSA share)
  • Anne mentions, people are cooking less and less and watching cooking shows more than ever, people have the desire to learn
  • Maybe "cooking therapy" or "slow cooking" could become an anxiety remedy in schools and communities
  • Through highschool "food classes"- a challenge for students to cook something out of a CSA box they get
  • Duncan mentions Groundswell Greenhouse and Network at David Thomas Highschool in Invermere, visited during 2016 Slow Food in Canada Summit where students get chef training and can even complete their first level of chef training

Barriers to joining a CSA:

  • Going on vacation or moving with a CSA (some CSA's offer a certain number of weeks off, or other people will take it, or it goes to the food bank as a donation)
  • Not having adequate  transportation to a drop off location (did you know you could request a location with most CSAs?)
  • Upfront cost (monthly plans can address help this, cost sharing programs etc.)
PS. I am happy to support anyone who wants to get involved with promoting CSA's email me duncan [at] harvesthand.com
To get involved with the CSA movement and food activities in the Annapolis Valley: 

Please join our Slow Food Youth Annapolis Valley group on Facebook


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